Defending fraud charges


We are highly experienced Criminal Defence Solicitors in Birmingham and have represented clients in many fraud cases.

Many of our clients charged with fraud have never been in trouble with the law before. We understand the disruption that a fraud investigation can bring to your personal and businesses life. We  will do our best to ensure that the effects of this are minimised to both your family and business.

Common types of fraud include:

Mortgage fraud
Insurance fraud
Computer fraud
Credit card fraud
Benefit fraud
Identity fraud
VAT and Tax fraud
Money laundering
Investment fraud

Of course there are many other types of sophisticated fraud in addition to the list above. We can help with whatever you have been arrested, interviewed for or charged with.

Mounting a defence against fraud charges
It is critical to contact usas early as possible so that we can create a legal plan that will give you the best probability of a favourable outcome.

Fraud cases are often complex and may involve large amounts of documentation to be gone through.

We can assist you at every stage from being arrested, invited in for interview, or charged through to representing you during Court proceedings. We can also provide you access to other professionals who may be required in complex cases, such as the best forensic accountants and the best defence barristers.

Zak Law Solicitors are fraud solicitors in Birmingham Please contact us now to discuss your case on 0121 440 0444 or use our contact form.